Hello World!!

Hi everyone, my name is Mahjabeen, and I am sooo happy to have a second blog!!Feel free to stroll around, and have a browse at my new world!!Yaaay, now I have two worlds!!!

This blog isn’t going to be the same as my original blog, and no, I haven’t deleted the original blog, I will just use this blog alongside that one:)

To the new/new-ish bloggers out there, feel free to ask me for help and advice, and I will try to do my best to help, and if you want, I will give you a WordPress version of an instagram shout-out!!On my other blog, though, because, I have more viewers and popularity on that one, as I’ve had that one for a while now (well, 7 months), and it got my undivided attention, a bit like an only child hehe!So, if you want help, don’t hesitate to contact me, and we can grow our blogs together!!

I hope you all enjoy this blog, and we can all have fun together!!

O.K, so a fairly short post, for a well, lets call it ‘first’ blog post (for this blog at least!!!)

so, yeah,

bye, and have a great time in the half-term hols!!

Lots of love,